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    Most Recent Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs Videos! more
     Captive Nudes Ride Bts
    14 minutes

      Captive Nudes Ride  Bts - Cheap! Real! Even Real Cheap!!

This footage was really never meant to be sold. The camera-guy didn't show, humid fog delayed the auto-focus, & we had a nagging "seat belt ding-ding" for a minute or so there. But enough was salvaged to put this together for you.

We priced it as low as C4S allows. But it is a real behind the scenes look as the nudes gag themselves & are bound, wearing fetish hoods (not blindfolds), heels, gags & nothing else, from two cameras.  I39m Chained For Tickling
    29 minutes

      I39m Chained For Tickling - What's the best way to tickle me? I should be secured completely, but able to squirm wildly, & my armpits, sides, crotch & feet soles should be accessible. (if you have suggestions, please email!)

I thought we were trying another tickle experiment, & we did, but before I got chained to the tickle contraption, Mr. Rigger first chains my wrists up behind my back, which I kinda like (it's another yoga pose!) & experiments with another harness gag. This one can be tightened in to my mouth with a separate strap. I'm also blindfolded so I can't see what he's building. It ends with a little bit of tickle, too.

So this is really kinda behind the scenes footage, from 2 cameras (footage is sequential in this one, not spliced). Gag talk, discussion, & real struggles as I await my fate!!

I'm in my favorite little g-string panties, with push-up shelf bra & heels

It's about 29 minutes long, but then I added over 12 minutes of excerpts from other tickle vids, & other custom videos we've done.

1280x720, 4 gbps bitrate
     Dual Catsuit Dual Ballgag Dual Spanking
    15 minutes

      Dual Catsuit Dual Ballgag Dual Spanking - Me & my favorite skin tight PVC catsuit, hogtied, & my BFF Lucia in her equally-tight PVC, open-bust, catsuit, also hogtied, with padded metal wrist cuffs tied to ankle ropes (so we can thrash around!) & we ***** are forcibly-joined at our lips with a special dual ballgag - which we'd never heard of before, actually. Surprise!

Each of the straps on these gags go in front of the balls, so they're pressed deeper in to our open mouths. I was able to pull mine out a bit, briefly, by basically yanking on Lucia's neck! But mostly we couldn't get them out at all, which was good, because once we were hogtied & attached, Mr. Handy Rigger decided we weren't squirming enough & he got out the paint stick again! ^&%^&*!!

This time he ****** us to count our own spankings, to 20(!), before he'd let us go.

Lots of giggling gag talk & real squeals!

Footage from 3 cameras included.

The "Complete" version includes the BTS behind the scenes footage & where we get tied up & such. The "M" or mobile version is just the dual hogtie & it's in the Apple Widescreen format, but double the Apple bitrate.  Escape Practice All 4 Chapters Combined
    91 minutes

      Escape Practice  All 4 Chapters Combined - This includes all footage from all 4 chapters of our Nude Trainees learning to escape. The hopping, the carry, the stakeout, standing at attention, running off, being carried away...

It's so large, we rendered it in the smaller Apple Widescreen format (480x270) but still at about twice Apple's MBPS
     Felicia Corset Hop Complete Version
    49 minutes

      Felicia Corset Hop  Complete Version - This is the Complete version of the Corset Hopping one already posted. It has a bunch of footage from other cameras & the tie up & behind the scenes, etc.  Hogtied Nudes Holidays Challenge
    11 minutes

      Hogtied Nudes Holidays Challenge - Not long after their Escape Training session outdoors (shown in clips already posted), our mysterious nude escape trainees next wanted to warm up your Holidays too, so, they start, in an awkward, revealing squat, waiting for instructions, & are helplessly hogtied with metal cuffs, chains & leather, as presents below a Christmas tree. 

They're challenged to pick up as much cash as they can, despite the cross-ankle, hands-behind-their-back, position, with ball-gags.

They can keep whatever they collect. One of them thinks this means she can steal from the other. Surprise!

Enjoy the feisty squirming & giggly gag talk! Interwoven & overlapping footage from several cameras.

The Russian blonde's ball-gag is tightened early in the video (shown) & the brunette's ankles are re-chained - she's apparently as flexible as the blond! We made a note in their Human Resources file so that additional precautions will be taken at their next training session.

    Random Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs Clips more
     Detective Felicia Tricked In To Captivity Part 1 Combined
    65 minutes
      Detective Felicia Tricked In To Captivity Part 1 Combined - This is the combined clip of the Part 1 story & the BTS & 2nd camera footage that goes along with it.

It's discounted that way.

Story line bondage, detective, metal corset, sheer skirt, stileto heels, stilletos, ballgags, walking bound, carry in SUVs, transport in bondage, bitcoin, PVC catsuit, cat-suit, open-breast, red head, tricked in to bondage, undercover agent, body search, handcuffs, blindfold.  Dual Nude Escape Trainees Part 1
    26 minutes
      Dual Nude Escape Trainees  Part 1 - Half Price!!

Two glamour/glamor models can't show their face (one of them has been featured in several magazines) undergo escape training by Felicia.

So they're hooded (but not blindfolded yet). She takes them out in the woods, to a public park actually, & makes the strip, all the more difficult for a gorgeous **** to escape when she's nude, especially in a public park.

Felicia videotapes their challenge for later training by other recruits.

The ***** must first stuff their own mouths with thick socks & tape them in. Still at attention, their hands are taped behind their backs with stretchy & unforgiving electrical tape.  Then Felicia turns away &....the ***** run off! Hey wait, we're not ready yet!

The blond even tries to signal for help. Smart, eh? And it was the blond!

They run off, hooded, gagged, hands tied, & nude.

One way in to the woods - too thick, they turn back , they hit a river, turn back, now they think they'll squat & work on each other's bonds, but Yipes! some guy, or guys, are watching them & roar. The ***** run off again, along the river this time, they try to cross, it's too deep, oh noo...Felicia finally catches up to them & gets them to walk back, still nude bound & gagged, so their ankles can be tied...

This is Part 1. The last part, where they're taken off in the back of the truck, has already been  posted.
     Christmas Special Ducttape Escape Challenge
    47 minutes
      Christmas Special Ducttape Escape Challenge - My kinky athletic friend Lucia, encased in her famous open-breast PVC catsuit, & I endure a severe duct-tape mummification challenge, squirming frantically like no other!

It was supposed to be just a "who can escape first" challenge. But as our mouths were stuffed, tape wrapped around our heads, more & more tape wrapped around our legs, arms, the was becoming clear that neither of us were actually ever going to escape.

So what, we've hardly ever been able to escape anyway. We'll just struggle as hard as we can, like always, & hope just maybe a rope or piece of tape would come lose & we'd wiggle free. Hardly ever happens, but that's what motivates the struggle.

Not this time. Ooooh no.

After we're both good & secured, even naively helping make ourselves securely fastened, we discover that the loser will get spanking by a machine. Gulp.

What great motivation!!

Interwoven & overlapping footage from several cameras. Absolutely for-real & frantic escape efforts by desperate damsels.  Lucia Locked In Stocks
    27 minutes
      Lucia Locked In Stocks - Lucia's in her sheer body-suit with PVC waist cincher thong. She gags herself with a cable-tied red ball gag & bends over to let me lock her wrists in Ruben's Stocks in a box. 

Once she's well secured, I leave her, of course.

She can't do anything at all but think about her exposed but, & drool.

So after I've let her stew a while, as I'm getting some toys, I come back & play with her a bit. She's extremely ticklish & I knew it. 

Heh heh.

This was mostly an experiment with the Rubens box. Let us know if you want more!

Lots of gag talk, playful interaction & behind the scenes footage.

One of the still images that are automatically generated is from the very end, which is a sneak preview of another clip, the one where I'm the one locked in the box, by Cindy.
     Transporting Hooded Nude Captives
    17 minutes
      Transporting Hooded Nude Captives - From time to time we have to transport our hooded captives. We keep them nude of course, gagged & hooded. They can keep their stiletto heels on, that's makes it even harder for them to run, just in case they do get loose.

Two of them almost escaped this time, but they were put back in the SUV & carried off. Unfortunately, one was able to get out of her open-breast straitjacket & then let the other one, in an arm-binder, loose as well.

Maybe they'll be able to run off, maybe not. We'll check in on them again later.

Lots of struggling, gag talk, escaping, walking & running, nude in heels.

One is blindfolded.  Automated Tickle
    9 minutes
      Automated Tickle - Our of our Normally-Nude Captives agreed (ha!) to remain helplessly strapped in to our topless PVC straight-jacket (straightjacket), in sexy garter & thigh-high hose, with sling-back stilettos, blindfolded, ball-gagged, & with tickle electro-stim electrodes taped to her soft inner thighs & the soles of her feet. That's 4 sensitive contact points she can't reach!

Her knees & ankles are strapped with electrical tape, just to help make sure she can't even pull at the wires.

The whole thing is ********** by a little PC board there on her thigh. She can't reach it either of course.

It shocks her randomly, a lot, a little, it stops, it surprises her. She literally can't do anything but writhe around, hoping we stop it some day. It's all genuine. Lots of great struggle & gag talk!

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    Welcome To Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs
    Hi Iím Felicia & these are our Adventures. Me & my BFFs (Bound Fetish Friends, Bound & Fettered Friends? LOL) These include clips from former Lisa & Friends stores. Most every clip is in 1280x720 HD widescreen, at about 4 mbps. Please tell us what you think, input, critique, customs requests... Thanks!! XOXO

    Featuring 35 Clips / 1001 minutes of video!

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      Captive Nudes Ride Bts

    Captive Nudes Ride  Bts


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      I39m Chained For Tickling

    I39m Chained For Tickling


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      Dual Catsuit Dual Ballgag Dual Spanking

    Dual Catsuit Dual Ballgag Dual Spanking


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      Escape Practice All 4 Chapters Combined

    Escape Practice  All 4 Chapters Combined


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      Felicia Corset Hop Complete Version

    Felicia Corset Hop  Complete Version


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      Hogtied Nudes Holidays Challenge

    Hogtied Nudes Holidays Challenge


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      Sadistic Automated Spank Machine

    Sadistic Automated Spank Machine


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      Christmas Special Ducttape Escape Challenge

    Christmas Special Ducttape Escape Challenge


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      I39m Chained In Yoga Stilettos

    I39m Chained In Yoga  Stilettos


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      Felicia Hopping In The Corset

    Felicia Hopping In The Corset


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      Yoga Bound All 3 Positions Combined Discounted

    Yoga Bound  All 3 Positions Combined  Discounted


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      Traveling Cindy39s Hotel Break

    Traveling Cindy39s Hotel Break


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      Felicia Chained In The Yoga Camel Position

    Felicia Chained In The Yoga Camel Position


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      Felicia Bound In A Yoga Bow Position

    Felicia Bound In A Yoga Bow Position


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      Escape Practice Chapter 3 Nude Stake Out

    Escape Practice Chapter 3  Nude Stake Out


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