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    Hisslave - Wrapdoll

    Clip Description

    Before we began this scene of mummification, master told me to be prepared to be wrapped extra tightly in the black cling film, especially ordered for this occasion. First, a tube was connected with a funnel to my pussy to catch my pee. Then the wrapping began. He wrapped me around and around and around until it was hard to breathe and I was completely unable to move, except for my feet where I could hop around a bit. I just love the feeling of the close fitting, clingy plastic against my skin.

    when this task was finished, I was then secured to the bondage rack with leather straps and shiny metal chains. Two pieces of black electrical tape were affixed to my mouth so I could not utter a word. Master stepped back to admire his artwork and I could see the huge bulge in his pants. He rubbed his cock as he told me if I could endure this a little longer. He would make me his wrap doll. I always jump at the chance to earn good graces from master.

    after some time passed I could feel the hard plastic funnel begin to bite into my skin.The time came when I had to relieve myself and I had a hard time aiming the long narrow pipe into the pee bucket. I got the **** of it after a little trial and error.

    i watched as master came towards me with his exacta knife and scissors and I kind of knew what going to happen next.
    he was extra especially careful as he cut away at the tightly wrapped cling film, sir was determined to release my nipples so he could pinch them and put clamps on. He meticulously cut first with the exacta knife. He poked gently and I could feel the point of the knifes sharp edge. I jumped a bit not expecting to feel the knives sharpness. After skin peeked through, he finished the job with his scissors. It hurt at first but I love this kind of pain. This pain challenges me, it makes me a better slave. It took quite awhile, but it was all worth it. It made me so turned on and I wanted to have tons of orgasms but that wasn't at all possible. I did pee several times which feels just as good sometimes.

    actions in this scene: mummification, pissing, nipple , endurance.

    items used: yards of black cling film, clear pvc, a funnel (which isn't shown), a metal pee bucket, an exacta knife, scissors, nipple clamps, chains, black leather straps, a bondage rack, black electrical tape, leather posture collar.

    Clip Duration:      23 minutes
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    mov409.02 MB

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    Hisslave - Wrapdoll

    Hisslave - Wrapdoll

    Hisslave - Wrapdoll

    Hisslave - Wrapdoll

    Hisslave - Wrapdoll

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