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    Hisslave - Outhouse

    Clip Description

    He never tells me what he has in mind when he wants to have play sessions. When he put the straight jacket on me I had no idea I was going to spend a long night outdoors. My high heels proved to be unsuitable for the terrain in the back yard and I struggled to keep my balance.

    he walked me to the shed and sat me down on an old wooden crate. He must have been in a metal mood, as the theme for this bondage session tonight was cold shiny metal chains, a dingy metal dental gag, old metal heavy lock/key dangling and dirty tight metal labia clamps. One chain was attached to my posture collar to the wall, making it impossible to lean forward. The two other chains were secured tightly around my ankles and to the walls of the shed, spreading my legs open very wide. The clamps allowed a good view of my dripping wet pink pussy if he wanted to look at it, which I knew was the one of the reasons why he had me sit this way. The straight jacket only made the whole situation worse.

    as I looked around in the shed I notice stuff in there that you would hardly ever pay attention to. What freaked me out the most was the fact that it was filled with all kinds of creepy crawlers. The neighborhood stray cats seemed to have developed a particular liking of pissing in the right corner of the shed, as if it was their designated private outhouse. The stench of cat urine filled the air, making me feel a little nauseous and uneasy, any wild creature that could just wander into the shed. The cobwebs from the ceiling and the walls made things even more disturbing and I told myself to just be calm and to think positively, then turned my attention to something else.

    it felt like days, sitting there on that old wooden crate, and my ass cheeks started to hurt and burn. Wouldn't you know it, I had to pee too! I could feel the weight of the lock dangle if I made any kind of movement. It pinched my pussy lips, so I tried not to move too much. I knew there was no getting out of this for awhile so I pissed just like the wild animals. I could feel the stream splash up against my stockings and high heels and I hoped they wouldn't be ruined. I guess that's the difference between human and animal.

    i realized that master's bondage gives me much time to think about endurance, pain and my devotion to him. All this really gets me so hot and wet, that I sometimes want to scream for him to fuck me hard, and fuck me until I can feel him hurt me deep inside. I want to cum and cum like there is no tomorrow, with him pushing my limits over the edge. Pushing and pushing and pushing. I know that he loves to watch me squirm and writhe helpless in front of him. Helpless like a wild innocent creature, begging him to do more to me.

    action: metal bondage, confinement, pissing, endurance

    items used: straight jacket, dental gag, labia clamps, weight, chains, posture collar, high heels, nylons.

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
    Format Size
    mov359.74 MB

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    Hisslave - Outhouse

    Hisslave - Outhouse

    Hisslave - Outhouse

    Hisslave - Outhouse

    Hisslave - Outhouse

    Hisslave - Outhouse

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