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    Chained In The Downward Dog

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    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Chained In The Downward Dog

    Clip Description

    Felicia's Mandatory Yoga - The Downward Dog Position

    UH OH, I'm having trouble with the previews. This one is of me in the stilettos. This clip is not the stilleto one.

    I really love yoga. I teach it, & I even teach others to teach it.

    It's similar in a lot of ways to another interest: bondage. At least 3 yoga poses remind me of being bound in those positions. So I thought I'd demonstrate it.

    Our in-house Handy Rigger came up with ways to keep me secured in these positions. I did some in my skimpy yoga shorts & top, some in black lingerie underwear, & some in both.

    I also did some in my stiletto true-6" sandal strap heels. (Separate clip)

    Of course, a yoga-type gag was warranted. Mr. Rigger came through again with this wicked latex muzzle (I also introduced it in the Intro clip already posted). It's wonderful. I first pack my mouth completely with one of those cute padded balls (shown) - it's just the right size to keep my jaw open without hurting - & then I stretch the latex muzzle over it. It keeps my jaws clenched around the
    packed ball & keeps me from lodging it out. I seriously can't say a thing - very effective - & yet I can wear it all day. When my hands are tied behind my back, I can't get the packing out. Works really well.

    And that helps me yoga, since it's relaxing. I'm not even distracted by trying to say something, since I can't.

    Thanks to Mr. Rigger, some cuffs, chains & electrical tape, I can't even break out of these yoga positions at all.

    Lots of playful gag talk, as much as I could! And struggle, also to the limit. Hey these are intentionally strenuous positions anyway.

    To be chained & cuffed in each position - yowzer.

    I self-cuff myself too

    At the end, (a separate clip) I'm ****** in to the yoga bow position, which is also a hogtie, Rigger pays $20 bills, that he throws on the floor! I can keep all of them that I can gather, while arched in to a tight hogtie made all the more strenuous by the fact that my hands were going numb! Great way to get a me to struggle though!!

    Backup camera footage is also included.

    This was really another experiment, so let me know how you liked it & any challenges you'd like to see me do. I enjoyed it. I think I

    could go a lot longer next time. Any bets?

    Category: BONDAGE
    Keywords: yoga yoga shorts yoga positions gym gym shorts latex muzzle gag electrical tape stilleto stiletto cuff chain endurance predicament

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    Resolution: 1280x720

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
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    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Chained In The Downward Dog

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Chained In The Downward Dog

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