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  • The Rubber Doll
  • Bootdrill In Foil
  • The Rubber Doll
  • The Rubber Doll
  • The Rubber Doll
  • The Rubber Doll
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    The Rubber Doll Part 5

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Lady Pascal - The Rubber Doll Part 5

    Clip Description

    Rubber maids must do a breath-education, so she get among other a rubber-breath-satchel and later shes plugged at the -vaporiser.

    later, my rubber-doll could say: trained by lady pascal, what amounts to an award. Hosed, connected with my -nebulizer and compelled to take rubberized air through my heavy rubber inhaler. Those are attractiv views for my rubberdoll...

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
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    Lady Pascal - The Rubber Doll Part 5

    Lady Pascal - The Rubber Doll Part 5

    Lady Pascal - The Rubber Doll Part 5

    Lady Pascal - The Rubber Doll Part 5

    Lady Pascal - The Rubber Doll Part 5

    Lady Pascal - The Rubber Doll Part 5

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    The Rubber Doll Part 6 - Rubber-pixy is now in a true rubber-ecstasy. She breathes heavy air, is cathederizid and imagines himself in the "rubber-sky". 

later, I pull her catheder, slowly remove all masks and bondage and rubber pixy is coming back from her rush of senses.

    The Bullwhipapplicant Part 4 - A good slave must be able to take heavy pain for the enjoyment of his mistress. Even she uses her bullwhip. As simply it sounds as simple it is in my world.

i have chained the slave to a strong post and prepares my long bullwhip for his lesson. I starts slow to determine the best position for the most pain. Then I starts the lesson with heavy lashes and and his loud screams motivated me even more

attention: real and hard bullwhipping! Very loud screaming... Not for the faint at heart!

    The Examination Part 4 - After the success with her "sanity-donor" lady pascal only had to take care, that his head will become free. Armed with her ******-ejaculator-machine, she takes care, that he promised solemnly, never spy again.

    The Rubber Doll Part 1 - Rubber pixy is visiting lady pascal. She is anxious to please her, so she exercises busy on her high-heels to walk. Lady pascal picked she, to complete her outfit. A feminin and at once restrictive laced corsage is determined.

    The Rubber Doll Part 4 - Rubber pixy get now careful a catheder and is ****** to give her liquid...

    The Rubber Doll Part 7 - Now they go to the mask-room, where lady pascal apply a very special armbinder to her. Well-prepared with that armbinder rubber pixy lay down on that big rubber-bed and got special foot-corsages, so that her feet once already customise to the transforming. 

once again rubber pixy lies helpless on that rubber-bed, with ordinary wide spreaded legs...Every nasty access is now possible...

    The Rubber Doll Part 3 - Rubber pixy is up next in my black clinic. There she get a black ball on her head, which fixes inside her head abides. From the same material are the mittens made, so that she is rather defenceless. She becomes enchained and get insert a very special dildo...

    The Rubber Doll Part 2 - The perfect fitting is ********** and in this outfit once again a walk-education is trained. Rubber-pixy is wearing ordinary rubber chicks, what the rubber-doll character underscores again...

    The Rubber Doll Part 8 - Armed with a special-machine, in an absolute defenceless position, rubber pixy will be under constraint deliver her liquid. A ****** milking with that special machine, where is no way out.