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  • A Casting Went
  • A Casting Went
  • A Casting Went
  • Painful Milking
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    Painful Milking

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Lady Pascal - Painful Milking

    Clip Description

    I plan to milk one of my pain slaves today. He is bound to a rack and I inserts an electrode into his urethra and wraps the other electrode around his balls. So I can send electric shocks through his cuck whenever I wants.

    heave weights on his nipples bring up his cuck in some seconds but he will have no fun today, I send painful impulses through his cuck and everytime his whole body flounces in pain. But I doesn't care about him. My only goal is to perfect my way of a painful milking.

    then I uses a massage device on his cuck. No slave can resist! This device makes every man cum! It doesn't take a long time and the slave can not hold back his orgasm. But it whill be a very painful shoot. With the electrode still in his urethra the cum is a very good conductor and makes the electric impulse even more painful...

    his orgasm will be his pain and that's the way I sometimes milks a slave!

    complete in english language

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
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    Additional Thumbnails

    Lady Pascal - Painful Milking

    Lady Pascal - Painful Milking

    Lady Pascal - Painful Milking

    Lady Pascal - Painful Milking

    Lady Pascal - Painful Milking

    Lady Pascal - Painful Milking

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    Cbt  Nipple  Part 2 - Part 2 continues with the ball . Again and again I put a new weight to the bar and let it drop down. It hurts more and more because with every new weight his balls are stretched harder.

after that I put hard clamps to his nipples and pulls hard on it. My slave immediately reacts and tries to come closer to ease his pain but he is bound to the rack. Although his cock reacts and starts growing but it is still in the iron device! Too bad for him...

the nipple  continues with a unique triple needle wheel but to say the truth, this is just the foreplay and still my prelude.

complete in english-language and a must have for the lovers of classic  in a classic dungeon.

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with my long, sharp and red polished nails I bring additional pain to his nipples. Then I attaches an amazing, but cruel steel grab to his cock and make this device grabbing tighter and tighter into his cook.

the  to him is still at the beginning and I uses a lot of very special and unique devices.

complete in english-language and a must have for the lovers of classic  in a classic dungeon.

    Metal Bougies - This special metal-bougie is about 40 cm long and bent at the end like a grappling hook. Inconceivable to introduce this into a horny cock. 

just because of the bizarre look of the hook, no one can imagine, to put this metall-bougies so deep in the urethra. 

this feeling I won't keep back from my patient. 

it was thrilling for both of us.

but additional I put his cock in a devilish spikes-corset - hard but at the same time also horny...Because I use my milking-machine.