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    Bootdrill In Foil Part 7

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Lady Pascal - Bootdrill In Foil Part 7

    Clip Description

    The slave could be thirsty, so lady pascal put a tube in the slave-mouth and pour a ***** down in the slaves throat. After that she wrapped his head again tight with foil, so the the breating is only possible through the tube.

    than she got the sneaky idea, to close the tube with her heel. She put therefore her heels alternate complete in the tube, knowing, that he will get no more breath.

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
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    Additional Thumbnails

    Lady Pascal - Bootdrill In Foil Part 7

    Lady Pascal - Bootdrill In Foil Part 7

    Lady Pascal - Bootdrill In Foil Part 7

    Lady Pascal - Bootdrill In Foil Part 7

    Lady Pascal - Bootdrill In Foil Part 7

    Lady Pascal - Bootdrill In Foil Part 7

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what in part might look harmless, is actually a real struggle and that for both of us. 

i want to win and he needs air. Ultimately it is up to me
but when I am ready to put an end to his wild performance. 

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    Bootdrill In Foil Part 2 - Now the slave must lay his head on a small stool, thereby he has to put his tongue out of the little breathing hole and lady pascal pressed huddle her heel on his tongue. He howls loudly and this will give him his first marks.

inbetween she increases on him again and again with her long boots.

she takes a convienient chair and relaxes, while she put him this time both heels in that small breathing hole. She put wickedly later her heels on the eyes of the slave, as he had to hold this pressure. Sie obliges him, to wedge his tongue thus far out of this little hole, so she uses his tongue as a mop, cleaning her boots. She sit down on his face and closes once again his breathing hole.

    Bootdrill In Foil Part 1 - Lady pascal envelops multiple a transparent foil around the head of the slave, without given him a breathing hole. She pitchforks him to the floor and only then she stings a breathing hole slowly with her heel for him. 

she obliges him, to put his tongue through this single one breathing hole, so she can bore her heels in...

    Bootdrill In Foil Part 6 - Now lady pascal envelops the slave complet in foil, whereby he has to move in a circle. After this he must lay on the floor again and she put him a blow-up gag in his mouth, which she wicked pumpes up with her boots.

following she jumps again and again on his whole body and set his cock pertinent under pressure. She squeezes his cock between her boots and bores her heel in his glans. After that she put her toecap complete in his mouth and feasts herself to hear his stuffy breathing.