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  • A Casting Went
  • A Casting Went
  • A Casting Went
  • Painful Milking
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    A Casting Went Wrong Part 2

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Lady Pascal - A Casting Went Wrong Part 2

    Clip Description

    Naked as he is now, I prefer him vigorously on his cock in my red studio. Just to test, what the young man has on ideas; sure other, than I have in my head.

    whom I will teach, what a real dungeon und still more teach, what i'm really looking for.

    inside my red dungeon the of the young boy starts, covered as a casting for a movie shooting. The ****** is bound down to a bench and I sit on his face what seems to be exciting for the boy. But everytime when I squeezes his nipples with my long sharp nails, he moans in pain and his erection gets lost. (Real shame...)

    i tease him again while sitting on his face a second time. His heart is jumping because he can watch, that I choose a whip for him. He is very psyched now. That's not what he pictured to himself as a casting... Misconceptions

    complete in english language

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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    Additional Thumbnails

    Lady Pascal - A Casting Went Wrong Part 2

    Lady Pascal - A Casting Went Wrong Part 2

    Lady Pascal - A Casting Went Wrong Part 2

    Lady Pascal - A Casting Went Wrong Part 2

    Lady Pascal - A Casting Went Wrong Part 2

    Lady Pascal - A Casting Went Wrong Part 2

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    A Casting Went Wrong Part 5 - Back in the red room the strap-on training continues. The boy is now kneeling in front of me and still ****** to suck the huge rubber strap-on. Until now he is not allowed to touch his cock because i'm still not satisfied with his performance.

again and again I ordered him to suck with more passion and I ramed the strap-on deeper and deeper into his mouth. "i will fuck your face!", I repeat to menace and after a long time I commands him to wank now. But of course he may not stop sucking.

so in the end the boy is allowed to cum while he sucks my black threatening strap-on...

complete in english-language

    A Casting Went Wrong Part 4 - It's now time to show the slave what femdom means. His hands bound up to the air I use my whips and canes all over his body.

it is the first time he is whipped and I really enjoy his pain. I make him counting every stroke and teaches him to thank me for the pain. Everytime when I bring the cane down on his ass, my poor ****** jumps in pain. "what a nice pain-dance!", the I laugh at him.

but that's not all. He is ordered to lift up one foot and I start a very painful bastinado... A new experience for the young man...

complete in english-language