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    Kinky Clothes
    Schwarze Gummipuppe

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Lady Arrakis - Schwarze Gummipuppe

    Clip Description

    Black rubberdoll carress her rubberclad body, plays with enormous rubber breasts and applies silicone for more shine! She is totally enclosed in black rubber, thick mask with covered eyes, lusty red lips and her playful fingers are adorned with long, red nails!

    Clip Duration:      1 minute
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    wmv3.12 MB

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    Lady Arrakis - Schwarze Gummipuppe

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    Riding Crop Treat And Bondage In Rubber - Something new - spanking and bondage! While totally enclosed in rubber catsuit, mask with open mouth only, corset and socks with toes (little cuties, they) comes the restrains - secure belts, leather mits and half face leather mask, muffing my grumbling. Partner finally gets his sweet revenge by treating my bum and feet with cruel riding crop! Lot of wriggling, moaning and even some dialogs :). Gag appears only in photoset available at my homepage (for honesty sake). Original sound.

    Rebreath Bag And Transparent Latex Catsuit - Lady arrakis is wearing transparent latex carsuit, hood with transparent face and most unusual gloves. Caressing her rubberized body, she breath heavily through black narcosis mask and rebreath bag attached to it! Original sound.

    Gasmask Galore  7 Different Gasmask Worn By Latexclad Lady - 7 different gasmaks presented by latexclad lady.
model us m17 in black
model russian military gp5 black
model russian military gp5 grey
model russian officer nbc combat pbf qhite
model russian officer nbc combat pbf black
model german barikos brk 730 black with dual hose system
model polish military mp5 black and nbc filter

smokey black transparent catsuit and hood
rigid pvc corset in shiny black

as little bonus on the end - delicious closeup on shiny, tightly latex enclosed bum!

clip lasts 13.29 minutes, with original sound.

    Submerged  Vacbed Play Part 2 - 2nd of three parts.
another vacbed play, this time in bed with 2 holes for more kinky fun.
fully encased latexclad lady is totally plugged with inflatables including breath thru gag! Air is sucked out, leaving lady inside rubber prison at mercy her growing excitement and naughty gloved hands... Struggling against incasement leads to climaxing finish... But it is not the end yet!
clip lasts 6 minutes, with original sound.

    Rubber Treatment 2   Bondage Toys And Rubber - Rubber treatment part 2 of 2
latexclad dame falls in hands of an evil gummidoctor! First silenced with rubber ballgag, freed only to endure another  of *********** with built in oxygen mask rubber helmet. Securely strapped to examination table, our heroine fights for every breath... But doctor closes the bag entry and reaches for... For... *******, Vibrating pink device! O horror! ...Or perhaps not? Clip lasts 6.21, with original sound.

    Lady In Blue Latex With Blue Toy - Indroduction of new color of latex - metallic blue! Latex clad lady having a relaxing time with tiny, buzzing toywhile reclining on chair. For the record - not an explicit content. Clip lasts 4.30 minutes and has original sound.

    Submerged  Vacbed Play Part 3 - 3rd of three parts.
another vacbed play, this time in bed with 2 holes for more kinky fun.
fully encased latexclad lady is totally plugged with inflatables including breath thru gag! After climaxing fun air goes back into vacbed and zipper opens to let the lady out. Exausted but satisfied crawls slowly outside...
clip lasts 3 minutes, with original sound.

    Rubber Cocoon And  - 6.30 minutes of pure heavy rubber bondage and restricted breathing. And one of best rubber experiences in my life! Wearing black latex suit and open face mask i'm sealed inside of a rubber sleepsack with attached hood that has only nostril holes for breathing. Set of heavy rubber belts and thick leather collar makes any attemt of escape futile... Being totally plugged and teased with vibrating toys i'm at mercy of loving partner who also wants to control my breathing. How? By black narcosis mask connected by long hose with 3 liters rebreathing bag! Black, slick rubber, red thick bed sheet and lot of squirms of...Erm... Joy of course!

    Schwarze Gummipuppe 2 - Did you missed rubber doll with enormous torpedo tits?
she is back! Now with couple of new items to play with!
after caressing her black latex clad body, our doll pulls on thigh high rubber boots, fixes tightly panorama gasmask and connects it with 2 corrugated tubes and 3l rebreath bag.
then she reclines on inflatable chair and dwells into world of heavy rubber...
clip lasts 4.40 with music only.

    Rubber  In Black Latex - Sometimes  you are almost entirely separated from the outside world by thin layer of airtight, black latex. All airtake you can get are 3 tiny holes. Absolute darkness and heavy, wheezy breathing... Exctiting **********, buzzing toy and caressing with gloved hands finished with grand finale in full enclosure! 10 minutes, with original sound.

    Heavy Rubber Bodybag And Rubber Helmet Bondage Part 2 - 2nd from 3 clips filled with squirming, wriggling and helplessly fighting against most heavy rubber bodybag (over 1 mm thick) and solid rubber helmet from studio gum (5 mm thick) with build in gag! Partner enjoys my futile attempts and uses inflatable toys to increase the sensation.... Too much air? This can be fixed too... Actual time 2.12 minutes with original sound and good quality of image!

    Vacuum Fun 01 - Lady arrakis is encased in the vabed not yet applied on a frame. No way out and only small hole to breath thru!
this clip is the first part of 3 videos about struggling and playing inside of black latex vacbed. Music only.

    Submerged  Vacbed Play Part 1 - 1st of three parts.
another vacbed play, this time in bed with 2 holes for more kinky fun.
fully encased latexclad lady is totally plugged with inflatables including breath thru gag! Slowly slips into vac and moment later air is slowly sucked out, imprisoning her in inescapable rubber prison! Clip actually lasts 4.30 minutes, with original sound.