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    Kinky Clothes
    Cocooned Total Enclosure In Tight Latex Bodybag

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Lady Arrakis - Cocooned  Total Enclosure In Tight Latex Bodybag

    Clip Description

    And yet again!
    total encasement and bondage session with most favorite item - tight latex bodybag with closed mask build in! Lady a was fully covered in latex black outfit except open face and started to prepare the bag and toys for playtime!
    and there actual video starts... Silky, matt rubber soon was covered in amounts of silicone to reveal helpless, worm-alike creature, struggling against heavy duty belts , posture collar and limited breathing! But it was only the beginning...
    clip lasts 8.15 minutes, with original sound.

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4184.15 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Lady Arrakis - Cocooned  Total Enclosure In Tight Latex Bodybag

    Lady Arrakis - Cocooned  Total Enclosure In Tight Latex Bodybag

    Lady Arrakis - Cocooned  Total Enclosure In Tight Latex Bodybag

    Lady Arrakis - Cocooned  Total Enclosure In Tight Latex Bodybag

    Lady Arrakis - Cocooned  Total Enclosure In Tight Latex Bodybag

    Lady Arrakis - Cocooned  Total Enclosure In Tight Latex Bodybag

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    Bp Games Part 2   To Pleasure In Black Cling Film - After long and exhausting ********** (see clip "bp games part 1 - struggle in bondage for air!)  Lady is put to ***** again... Only to be prepared for more tortures! Intruder wraps her up in more layers of cling film, reinforces arms and chest bondage... But then he goes up and tightlly wraps her head, closing mouth and cutting of ability to see anything. Intruders returns with shiny vibrating toy in his hand...
in this helpless state lady must endure last and finally climaxing game...
is this really such a *******?

clip lasts 12,33 minutes, with original sound.

    Shiny Lycra Bag And Strict Bondage Struggle - Lycra, lycra and more lycra. Zentai, extreme shiny body bag and long minutes of struggle to set free... Helpless obviously! At the end lovely dame gets her punishment - set of belts and halfmask from leather, while still being inside of the bag... And struggling!

    Vacuum Fun 02 - Lady a slithers in the vacbed and air is slowly taken out...
this clip is the second part of gallery 09 "vacuum", music only.

    Riding Crop Treat And Bondage In Rubber - Something new - spanking and bondage! While totally enclosed in rubber catsuit, mask with open mouth only, corset and socks with toes (little cuties, they) comes the restrains - secure belts, leather mits and half face leather mask, muffing my grumbling. Partner finally gets his sweet revenge by treating my bum and feet with cruel riding crop! Lot of wriggling, moaning and even some dialogs :). Gag appears only in photoset available at my homepage (for honesty sake). Original sound.

    Plastic Delight  Behind Scenes - Indroduction of new color of latex - metallic blue! "behind scenes" video from making photos with big, clear plastic bag. Clip lasts 2.30 minutes with music and bit fancy effects.

    Rubber Cocoon And  - 6.30 minutes of pure heavy rubber bondage and restricted breathing. And one of best rubber experiences in my life! Wearing black latex suit and open face mask i'm sealed inside of a rubber sleepsack with attached hood that has only nostril holes for breathing. Set of heavy rubber belts and thick leather collar makes any attemt of escape futile... Being totally plugged and teased with vibrating toys i'm at mercy of loving partner who also wants to control my breathing. How? By black narcosis mask connected by long hose with 3 liters rebreathing bag! Black, slick rubber, red thick bed sheet and lot of squirms of...Erm... Joy of course!

    Horny Redhead - Lady a  performs intense solo play with extreme tight inflatable hood and inflatable breath through gag. Dressed from head to toe in latex, she can't resist but caress her body and  reduce an air intake...Till the double finale. This video lasts 23 minutes with only one short cut in between. You shall be taken along with her quest for pleasure in the real time!
with original sound.

    Heavy Rubber Bodybag And Rubber Helmet Bondage Part 3 - Additional session with electrotoys!
3rd from 3 clips filled with squirming, wriggling and helplessly fighting against most heavy rubber bodybag (over 1 mm thick) and solid rubber helmet from studio gum (5 mm thick) with build in gag!  Partner enjoys my futile attempts and uses inflatable toys to increase the sensation.... Too much air? This can be fixed too...
original sound and good quality of image!

    Struggling In Huge Inflatable Suit And 4 Hoods - Lady arrakis's very first encounter with inflatable overall - armless, giant inflatable suit made from heavy grade latex...  Clip presents final encasement: a **** in transparent catsuit with open face mask, wearing another mask in red, studio gum narcosis mask built in hood and on top inflatable hood, also heavy grade. Tremendous pressure over head and whole body hightened feeling of vulnerability and helpness... But evil partner couldn't stop himself from using toys... Guess: inflatable toys as well!
4.10 minutes of squirming and struggling to get free at mercy of partner holding all that pumping bulbs!

    Extreme Mummification With Cling Film And Tape - The final stage of extreme mummification with black cling film and red tape.
under all that i'm wearing latex catsuit and closed hood with hole for nostrils only. Arms are fixed on back, legs bended and bound separately, feet together. Head encased in many layers and squeezed with tape all over, making any sound almost impossible. Actual length of clip - 1.21 mins with original sound. Let the helpless strugle begin!

    Bondage In Lycra Rubber And Leather - First I wore latex catsuit, over it closed zentai and on top, like cherry on a cake - tight leather hood with 2 tiny nose openings to breath, wide, thick collar, mits and all secure belts we could find ! Of course I must mention pleather underknee boots I wear casual. All together served to create nice hogtie mixed with struggle, squirming and ********** - elements utmost beloved by every normal pervert don't they?

    Red Latex Catsuit Very Tight Hood And A Bit Of Rope Bondage - Bit surrealistic in it's vivid, saturate color scheme, 8 minutes lasting clip about total red and black latex eclosure. This time extremely tight hood over 1 mm thick with only 2 small nose holes was an instrument of sweet ********** . Obedient doll fought for every breath and her growing excitement could be restrained only with rope bondage! Natural sound.

    Vacuum Fun 03 - Climaxing finish: while getting comfortable and changing position inside of vacbed, lady a gets really excited. Tight encasement and complete darkness only increase the pleasure...

this clip is the last part of gallery 09 "vacuum", music only.

    Bp Games Part 1  Struggle In Bondage For Air - Lady hopes to relax while reading fetish magazines. Seats down and starts a lecture... But she has no idea, there is an intruder in the house.
soon she finds that out! And what his evil imagination prepares for her!

intruder uses big, black narcosis mask with 3 l rebreath bag filled with aroma. Next, he uses black cling film to immobilize her on the chair.
when she awoke, the real fun starts... Heavy rubber helmet with build in narcosis mask, transparent hood without any openings, black latex sheet tightly wrapped around face... 
and lot of struggling, squirming and actual dialogs :)
intruder lovingly tortures our shiny damsel in distress just to warm her up for part 2. Soon...

clip lasts over 15 minutes, with original sound.

    Sterile White  Jawspreader - If you are fan of medical moods and clinical accesoires, this clip is for you!
lady completely encased in white latex suit (catsuit, gloves, mask) and orthopedic harnesses - neck collar and backbone stabiliser slowly applies stainless steel jawspreader. She wears black lenses, what adds more oddity to the scene...
leans forward and saliva begans to flow...
bizarre, static video overflown with white and steel color palette and atmospheric music. 4 minutes, with music.

    Rubber Treatment 1   Bondage Toys And Rubber - Rubber treatment part 1 of 2
latexclad dame falls in hands of an evil gummidoctor! First silenced with rubber ballgag, freed only to endure another  of *********** with built in oxygen mask rubber helmet. Securely strapped to examination table, our heroine fights for every breath... But doctor closes the bag entry and reaches for... For... *******, Vibrating pink device! O horror! ...Or perhaps not? Clip lasts 6.44, with original sound.

    Rebreath Bag And Transparent Latex Catsuit - Lady arrakis is wearing transparent latex carsuit, hood with transparent face and most unusual gloves. Caressing her rubberized body, she breath heavily through black narcosis mask and rebreath bag attached to it! Original sound.

    Gimpywrap  Extreme Mummification Experience - 2.25 minutes of delicious struggle for freedom. But lady a wearing totally enclosing zentai suit is being thoroughly wrapped in many layers of cling film and duct tape! Laying on back, having bound arms and legs and breathing only thru lycra coated nostrils, she moans and wriggles. Without any success.
original sound.